Monday, January 11, 2016


The first sun rise I've ever seen in a world without David Bowie.
Ah January, you sucketh already.  Just 10 days into the new year, and 2016 hits us with a heavy blow.
As I sit here at my PC listening to Spotify's collection of Bowie's music, in particular his Blackstar album released two days ago (on his 69th birthday), I wonder if I will ever produce anything out of my little studio that will transcend my passing, or will everything just be put in a burn pile and whoosh! there goes everything I ever worked on.  I've wondered this before when I've heard of other people passing away - a pitiful show of self-centeredness. 
What is my effect on the world?  Will anyone care when I die?  What will endure of me after my passing?  I guess, in the Big Scheme of things the answers are: not much, not really, nothing.
Which I guess is liberating really.  I don't have to concern myself with grandeur or climbing Everest or whatever other people think I "should" be doing.  Just what I think I should be doing.
Hmmm....that's a bit harder to come up with. 
I'll start with a cuppa tea and a bunch more Bowie tunes.  We'll see where I go after that, shall we?