Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day 326

Someone just said today's music all sucks.  (shakes head)
Of course some of it does.  Just like some of it did "back when". 
Let's be clear - this individual is just a bit younger than I am.  So he grew up listening to 70s music.  A mixed up time of disco, acid rock, musak, easy listening, country, was messed up, but did produce some awesome stuff.  But it's not better than today's music because today's music holds the same depth of feeling for the young people listening to it as the crap back then had for the dude condemning today's music.  True, there is some seriously shitty stuff being produced now, but how is that different from the seriously shitty stuff being produced back then?
For today's music, we don't need to look at Iggy Azalea.  We could look to Kimbra instead, who actually has some talent.
We don't need to look at Beiber (although the kid is talented, if somewhat misguided in his outlook).  We could look at Sun Kil Moon instead and just enjoy the timbre of his voice and the simplicity of his guitar.
Damn, I love music.

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